Rab Generator Jacket review

Rab Generator Jacket

Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton wearing the Rab Generator Jacket on Ben Nevis, Scotland

By Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton

The Rab Generator Jacket is a Primaloft belay-type jacket and is, quite simply, the single best piece of kit I own.

I have used this jacket in the UK and Asia and its functionality and warmth never fail to amaze. I originally used this jacket primarily for Scottish winter belays, where you need a warm jacket to throw on while you’re stationary, but that is light enough not to be noticeable when it’s in your pack.

The best thing about the Rab Generator Jacket is just how warm it is. As soon as the jacket is on, it lives up to its Generator name. Then there is the fact that the jacket uses a Primaloft filling. This is one of the warmest, water-resistant and compressible synthetic fillings available, which is the reason the jacket excels in places as fickle as Scotland.

Down is known to be warmer than synthetic fillings, but is rendered useless once wet, which is a common occurrence in places such as Scotland. This jacket, however, is great even when wet and is usually placed over a shell jacket on a belay no matter what the weather.

The Rab Generator Jacket is so much more than a belay jacket for use in the wet weather, though. I have used the jacket extensively on two high-altitude expeditions to the Himalayas, where I was never let down. The same was true during the summer of 2011, where I did a series of micro-adventures, often bivving in the jacket over many days before biking in it before sunrise and then well into the night.

Finally, the Pertex outer makes the jacket windproof, which is ideal for any stops high in the mountains, such as the Lake District, even in the summer, when the wind and evaporating sweat rapidly lowers your body temperature to hypothermic levels.


Compresses down and fits into its own pocket. Ultra-light, ultra-warm, works well when wet, windproof and, essentially, a lifesaver.


None, although if the style isn’t to your taste, there are other options. If you want an ultra-light version of this already very light jacket, there is the Rab Generator Vest. If you want one with a hood, there is the Rab Generator Alpine Jacket. If you like smocks and would like something lighter than the jacket, but more protective than the vest, there is the Rab Generator Pull-On. Finally, if you are the type who wants to look suave and stay bang on trend, there is the new Rab Photon Jacket.


I don’t think I could fully put into words just how great the Rab Generator Jacket is. It’s simply amazing.

Rating: 5/5

Find out more: http://rab.uk.com/products/mens-clothing/primaloft_1/generator-jacket.html

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